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Meeting 1:1

Individual Spiritual Direction...

Together we get curious as we explore the most pressing (or most persistent) questions in the specifics of your life. 

We savor the goodness & listen for the voice of Wisdom. 

We sort out the challenges & choices,

without judgment,

in a manner that allows you to 

discover what is best for you!

Frequency of meeting is mutually determined;

generally we meet once per month but sometime it seems like a good idea to meet at closer intervals initially.

When possible we can meet in person. Meeting by videoconference is always an option.

What is Spiritual Direction?


Mentoring & consultation...

There is a trend in the counseling profession and in ministry to incorporate more spirituality.

Do you feel prepared? Do you have questions? 

Spirituality is much more than a tool for your toolbox, a retreat theme or a class lesson plan. 

It is upending and ultimately about transformation!

I am available to therapists and ministry professionals who would like more support & encouragement in their work,

Consultation vs Mentoring