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Individual Spiritual Direction

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Can Spiritual Directors Help?

Spiritual Direction is support for your journey, 

whether or not you participate in organized religion.

It is about helping you become more attuned to the Wisdom that is within you

 and to the Source of Life that is in all things.

You might call this wisdom and source of life 

God, Spirit, the Sacred, Holy Breath, Divine Mystery, Higher Power, True Self or something else.

Together we get curious as we reflect on your life

and explore the most pressing and persistent questions. 

We savor the Goodness & listen for the voice of Wisdom. 

Without judgment, 

we listen deeply to the challenges you face and the choices you have

so that you can discern next steps for yourself.

Frequency of meeting is mutually determined but generally we meet once per month. 

Closer intervals initially are sometimes helpful.

When possible we can meet in person. Meeting by videoconference is always an option.

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Gift packages...

Do you know someone who would like to try Spiritual Direction but needs some encouragement? 

Perhaps you want to provide on-going support for someone who currently finds spiritual direction helpful?

Contact me to purchase a package of 4 sessions for $240.

Mentoring & Consultation

There is a trend in the counseling profession and in ministry to incorporate more spirituality.

Do you feel prepared? Do you have questions? 

Spirituality is much more than a tool for your toolbox, a retreat theme or a class lesson plan. 

It is upending and ultimately about transformation.

I am available to therapists and ministry professionals who would like more support in their work.

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Enneagram Inquiry

The Enneagram is so much more than a personality typing system, and besides...

our personality is not who we really are.

Personality is simply a set of predictable cognitive, emotional & behavioral patterns

that have developed to help us get our needs met. There is no freedom in living out of our personality patterns. 

The Enneagram gets beneath the "what" we do, to the "why" we do it

Combined with contemplative spiritual practices, 

it is a powerful tool that reveals the unconscious motivations that drive us.

The Enneagram provides a comprehensive map that opens up possibility, 

moving us out of predictable patterns and toward greater freedom and choice. 


The Enneagram does not put you in a box; it helps free you from the box you are already in!

"The Enneagram is a psychology from sacred tradition that is based on nine personality types, which, 

from the perspective of the true, or spiritual, self, are nine illusions about life; 

and that illusion is the natural starting place for both psychological and spiritual growth.”

— Helen Palmer

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Schedule a Typing Interview

Not sure?

If you have a desire to grow 

but aren't sure which path is best for you at this time, 

we can simply meet to start the conversation!