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A Covenant for Our Work Together

A covenant is an agreement between people; 

it is more of a good faith pledge or a promise than a contract; 

it is relational not transactional. 

I understand our work together to be of a covenantal nature, a good faith pledge to journey together for a time in order to listen for the deep longings of your soul and the voice of the Holy in your life. Through listening and reflecting, in a confidential setting of support and encouragement, we seek together to discern Divine Mystery's invitations to you. 

The following offers guidelines for our work together:

Commitment: As the professional guide, I commit to listen with you for the voice of the Divine and to help you notice the Spirit’s movement in your life. I also promise to pray for you. Prayer, understood in a broad sense, is at the heart this work so I ask you to commit yourself to a regular prayer practice between our visits. There are many ways to do this, and we can discuss the possibilities that seem right for you. 

Scheduling: Ordinarily we will meet for one hour each month, but we can meet more or less frequently depending on your needs. After a few sessions, we will evaluate how helpful this is to you, then how or if to continue.

Location:  If you live near Pittsburgh, PA, we can meet in person in my office at 30 Maple Drive, Wexford, PA ...after COVID restrictions are lifted. Meeting via Zoom is always an option. 

Fee: My standard fee for one session of spiritual direction is $80. Please, however, pay according to your ability with the understanding that as your financial situation changes, you will increase or decrease the fee accordingly.

Cancellation: If at all possible, please provide at least 24 hours notice to cancel or re-schedule.

Confidentiality: Our conversations are always confidential. Please know though that It is customary for practitioners to periodically consult with one another; this is done with sensitivity and discretion and, insofar as possible, without the use of identifying information. Those being consulted, of course, are also committed to respectfully maintain confidentiality. Additionally, if I am concerned that you are going to harm yourself or someone else, I will discuss this with you. If are unable to take protective actions, I am required to do so. I am also required to report any concerns I have that the well-being of a child or an elderly adult might be at risk. Be assured that, when appropriate, I will talk with you about this before taking action.

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