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Covenant for Our Work Together

A covenant is an agreement between people; it is more of a good faith pledge or a promise than a contract; it is relational not transactional. This is how I understand our work together.

Spiritual direction has been called “holy listening.” In spiritual direction, two persons pledge to journey

together for a time in order to listen together for the voice of the Divine in one of their lives. Through

listening, reflecting, in a confidential setting of prayer and encouragement, we seek to discern God’s

leading. The following offers guidelines for our work together in spiritual direction:

Commitment: As the spiritual director, I pledge myself to listen with you for the voice of the Divine

and help you notice the Spirit’s movement in your life. I also promise to pray for you.

Prayer is at the heart of spiritual direction. I ask you, as the spiritual directee, to

commit yourself to regular prayer between our visits. There are many ways to do this,

and we can discuss possibilities that seem right for you.

Scheduling: Ordinarily we will meet for one 50-minute session per each month, but we can meet

more or less frequently depending on the work you seek to engage. After a few

meetings, we will evaluate how well this is meeting your expectations and whether to


Location: We will meet at my office in downtown Winston-Salem: 1066 West 4th Street, Suite


Fee: The standard fee for one session of spiritual direction is $80. However, each person is

asked to pay according to his/her/their ability. As you begin spiritual direction, you

agree to pay fee of _________________________ per session. As your financial situation changes,

please increase or decrease the fee according to your needs and resources.

Cancellation: Please provide at least 24 hours notice for a change of time or cancellation.

Confidentiality: Our conversations are always confidential; however, I ask your permission to share

information (without using your name) with my supervisory peer group. It is customary

for directors to be in spiritual direction themselves, and to be in supervision as part of

our own spiritual and professional growth.

State law requires spiritual directors to report suspected cases of child or elder abuse. Also, professional ethics regarding confidentiality require spiritual directors to report imminent self-endangerment (suicide) or harm to others.

Directee Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________________________

We agree to enter into this covenant as we journey together as described above.

Directee Signature: ___________________________________________________________________  Date: _______________________________

Director Signature: ____________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________

Lynn Holden

Spiritual Director

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