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Who I Am & What I Do...

I am a spiritual director with a counseling background. As a person, I am curious and discerning; I am a lifelong learner who is passionate about personal growth, transformation & living life from the inside out. I am committed to growing awareness and seeing the More than what meets the eye.  

I have never not known God, and the church has been an important part of my family's life since childhood. Over time however, while remaining rooted in the Christian tradition, how I understand and relate to God and the Church has changed...and I have no reason to believe this won't continue! My soul is nourished and inspired by reading the poets, mystics and saints from many traditions, and I participate in the life and leadership of several ecumenical and contemplative communities.

My approach is multi-disciplinary, drawing on ancient spiritual wisdom & the science of counseling psychology. I am skilled in the ancient art of spiritual direction & knowledgeable about human development & interpersonal dynamics, which inevitably show up in our relationship with God. I listen without judgment for the deep desires within you & for invitations toward growth & wholeness. I then reflect back to you the Wisdom I notice in you & I suggest practices that will support your deepening awareness & relationship with Life.

My training as a counselor enables me to be alert to conditions that might be better served through a more tradtional counseling model. I often find however that "symptoms" are an invitation to growth...and when we are growing, dis-ease is to be expected... "growing pains." In some cases individuals might choose to be in counseling and spiritual direction simultaneously.

Perspectives change when we can ask questions & reflect on our lives, the focus of our attention shifts & choices emerge...

and when we see differently, we live differently!

"Life is meant to be lived from a Center, a divine Center. Each one of us can live a life of amazing power and peace and serenity, of integration and confidence and simplified multiplicity, on one condition - that is, if we really want to."

~ Thomas Kelly, A Testament of Devotion

Bringing together the spiritual, mental, physical, and relational dimensions of life...

The spiritual dimension of life is our primary source of inspiration and aspiration; the mental dimension focuses on functioning, organizing, and achieving; the physical dimension is concerned with satisfying urges and desires; and the relational dimension is about relating to others in the past, present, and future.  Each of these dimensions wants to dominate:

  • When the spiritual dominates, the result can be perpetual dreaming and escapism. 
  • When the mental dominates, productivity and control become driving values. 
  • When the physical dominates, there is an over-emphasis on physical perfection, comfort and gratification. 
  • When the relational dimension dominates, the result can be blind conformity and loss of Self.

The goal in spiritual direction is to create a feedback loop...to let the spiritual guide (not dominate) the others, and for the others to provide feedback into the spiritual.

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Professional Education, Credentials & Training...

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Licensed Professional Counselor, PA, PC005648

National Board of Certified Counselors NCC 231426

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Center for Spiritual Formation Ministry of Spiritual Direction

Gestalt Pastoral Care Foundations & Practicum Training

Gestalt Insitute of Pittsburgh Advanced Training Certification

Narrative Tradition Enneagram Core Curriculum+

American Counseling Association

Spiritual Director's International