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I am a teacher at heart, so my oientation is eductational, and my approach is multi-disciplinary experiential

Bringing together the spiritual, mental, physical relational dimensions of life requires knowledge of:

  • classical spiritual practices & their aim
  • common cognitive errors & neuroplasticity
  • human embodiment & somatic programming
  • relational patterns & perspectives

Slow Down

A frenetic, impulse-driven approach to life is rewarded in America. Over time, however, many people find this way of life lacking.

Slowing down is essential for a more meaningful existence. 

Lean into the unforced rhythms of grace!

Slow Down

Live the Questions

We think we want answers to our questions but, really, learning to ask better questions is way more important! Enter more fully into the wonderfully complex Mystery of your life!

Live the Questions


The Enneagram is quite a popular tool today and, I have to confess that I feel a bit protective of it. 

It is not a parTy game! 

The Enneagram is a complex system worthy of respect as it provides a trustworthy  & comprehensive 

map for your journey!