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I simply ask you to compensate me for my time and suggest $50 - $90 per meeting, as you are able. I accept cash, checks and payment through Venmo and PayPal. I also process payments through HSA and credit cards.


I am no longer contracted with insurance companies but I understand if you prefer to seek the services of an insurance provider, and am happy to provide referrals.


Counseling is a 1:1 relationship. The purpose of that relationship is to explore the thoughts, feelings, values, and behaviors that are related to a particular situation in your life. Counseling can help you:

  • navigate life transitions
  • improve relationships
  • promote self-awareness, self-understanding and self-acceptance
Through counseling, some people experience healing. People often seek counseling when they are struggling with a problem but it is more than that; it can also be for the purpose of personal growth. The goal of counseling is to free you to make the choices and changes that are best for you.

Spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is a 1:1 relationship, and the purpose of that relationship is to deepen your connection with the Divine, and for you to become more open and responsive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your daily life. It explores:

  • expectations and ambivalence
  • your understanding of Mystery
  • how you connect with the Sacred
  • obstacles that you have to the Holy
  • "What is the Holy's invitation to me?" 

You might consider Spiritual Direction when ...

  • seeking to identify and to trust your own experiences of Mystery
  • realizing that what ordinarily nourishes your spirit is no longer enough
  •  facing major life decisions
  • needing to discern life direction
  • praying becomes burdensome
  • faith in God, or in Life, is shaken
  • you are experiencing an insatiable longing for "more"

Bringing together the spiritual, mental, physical, and relational dimensions of life?

The spiritual dimension of life is our primary source of inspiration and aspiration; the mental dimension focuses on functioning, organizing, and achieving; the physical dimension is concerned with satisfying urges and desires; and the relational dimension is about relating to others in the past, present, and future.  

Each of these dimensions wants to dominate:

  • When the spiritual dominates, the result can be perpetual dreaming and escapism. 
  •  When the mental dominates, productivity and control become driving values. 
  •  When the physical dominates, there is an over-emphasis on physical perfection, comfort and gratification. 
  •  When the relational dimension dominates, the result can be blind conformity and loss of Self.

Bringing them together is about integration; they are all part of the whole.